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Leadership Coaching

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What Is It For?

This form of executive coaching is for leaders – and aspiring leaders – who:

  • Want to be more skilful and flexible while expressing their values in their leadership role; OR
  • Want to have more leadership presence; OR
  • Want to grow themselves for future, more senior leadership roles; OR
  • Want a coach to help them work on their weak areas as a way of protecting their career; OR
  • Want a confidential “thinking partner” as a sounding board as they deal with difficult issues.

Who Is It For?

  • CEOs, MDs, Partners, Directors and senior managers.
  • Or someone with recognised high potential.
  • Whoever you are, you must want to be coached, because coaching is a partnership between client and coach.


  • Improved ability to understand, connect with and influence others.
  • Greater self-understanding, self-mastery, leadership presence and mental resilience.
  • Studies show the return on investment (ROI) of executive coaching to a company averages more than five times the cost of the coaching.  (See the Resources section for an article on the ROI of executive coaching.)

Surely I Don’t Need Coaching at My Level?

This is a question we sometimes hear.  But many sports champions have coaches.  For example, top tennis players and golfers like Roger Federer, Andy Murray and Rory McIlroy.  So why not executive leaders?  Why assume once a person has reached a senior role that he or she must be the finished article and can’t grow (or doesn’t need to grow) further?

Having a coach isn’t a sign of weakness.  And it doesn’t mean the coach is better than you at your job.  Rather, it reflects three things:

  • That you are self-aware enough to know you could be even better.
  • That you have the desire to be better – which is the attitude of a champion.
  • That you recognise the coach has the skills, experience and personal presence to help you achieve what you want.

Typical Coaching Needs

  • “I have acquired all the technical knowhow I need, but I’ve never learned how to lead others.”
  • “I want to develop more leadership presence.”
  • “My organisation needs to change and that change has to start with me.”
  • “I want to be able to influence my boss or peers better.”
  • “I still find it hard to confront difficult people effectively.”
  • “I don’t use my time effectively and struggle to make progress on strategic issues.”
  • “I want to enjoy my job more, to feel more flow and less anxiety and tension.”

Next Steps

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  • Or you can read more about coaching in the About Coaching area, learn more about The Scouller Partnership in About Us or browse our Resources section… or look at the other three coaching services we offer.

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