The Leadership Mastery Suite® will interest HR chiefs and L&D specialists of bigger organisations wanting to develop large numbers of leaders and teams using my ideas and tools.

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Why The Leadership Mastery Suite®?

I founded The Scouller Partnership in 2004. Until 2016, I focused on coaching: one-to-one executive coaching or team coaching. Why? Simply because coaching works. But I came to accept that my single-mindedness had one problem: it limits the number of people I can help. You see, I like to work with no more than 8-9 clients at a time, meaning I’d become the limiting factor.

So in 2017 I began considering ways of scaling up what I do. The idea? To help more people learn to apply my models, tools and techniques without my in-depth involvement, thus removing the bottleneck.

Now you could say, “What’s wrong with your book, The Three Levels of Leadership? Can’t they read that? Isn’t that sufficient?” Well no it isn’t, for two reasons. First, it’s missing the important new content of its unpublished sister book on teams, covering team psychology, how to build teams and how to keep them going through tough times. Second, I wanted to offer more than a passive experience because 90% of people don’t learn successfully by reading alone and because leadership is a contact sport – we learn from our interactions with others,

So I created the Leadership Mastery Suite®. It’s for companies that like my ideas and value personal coaching, but also want economical ways of developing larger numbers of leaders and teams.

It does two things. One, it rolls all my ideas, tools and methods into one unified master model, making the big “learning picture” easier for you to understand – you’ll see how the parts all fit together. Two, it offers both personal and enterprise solutions.

The personal solutions are executive coaching and team coaching. The enterprise solutions will take four forms:

  • Organisational diagnostics.
  • Online video learning platforms.
  • Intensive group coaching workshops.
  • Certification in some of my ideas, tools and methods for in-house coaches.

The Leadership Mastery Suite’s® learning contents have been a work in progress for several years but as of 11 January 2024 the last big missing piece – team psychology and team building how-to guidance – will be available. That’s when my new book trilogy, How To Build Winning Teams Again and Again, published by Hawkhurst Publishing, is being released. It’s the first series of handbooks to explain the psychology, principles and roadmaps behind team success. For more details on the trilogy, visit my dedicated Leadership Mastery Suite website here.

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Overview of the Leadership Mastery Suite®

Inspired by the idea of a musical composition with one underlying theme, the Leadership Mastery Suite® is a set of three distinct pieces that combine to form one integrated learning framework. The three pieces are Mental Model Mastery, Self-Mastery and Knowhow Mastery.

You can compare the Leadership Mastery Suite® to a Swiss Army knife. It gives you all the key ideas and tools you need to (1) grow leaders and teams and (2) achieve organisation-wide change in one handy, compact, simple, unified master model. It draws on the ideas and tools in my book The Three Levels of Leadership, the techniques I use in my coaching practice and material from my unpublished book on teams. It’s delivered through:

  • One-to-one executive coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Enterprise solutions: organisational diagnostics, intensive group coaching workshops, video learning and in-house coach certification

Here’s a brief outline of each piece of the Leadership Mastery Suite®:

Mental Model Mastery helps your leaders unlearn their previously unnoticed unhelpful assumptions around “leadership” and what it means to be a leader. I’ve found, repeatedly, that this is where all leaders’ problems start. So Mental Model Mastery reveals what they’ve believed about leadership and the purpose of a leader until now and the problems those beliefs cause. Then it helps them replace those beliefs with a practical four-dimensional model, allowing them to pay more skilful attention to what matters most. This means they can create a practical action agenda with their colleagues based on their real-life context, that is, what’s really happening among employees, customers and competitors, not what they assume is happening.

Self-Mastery tackles the problems created by your leaders’ limiting beliefs. Above all, their limiting beliefs about other people and themselves. Both put brakes on their ability to grow themselves as leaders. They reduce their behavioural flexibility and skill. They lower their resilience, hacking away at their energy and enthusiasm. And they damp down their unique leadership presence, sometimes hiding it altogether, making it harder to inspire others, notably in times of change. Self-mastery isn’t easy, but its benefits are transformational and long-lasting. Not only will it enable your leaders to choose their reactions under pressure (rather than be caught by old habits), they’ll be able to express the genuine “them” under pressure. The result? They’ll connect with and influence people with greater power, skill and authenticity than ever before. Especially when they have to lead wide-scale change.

Knowhow Mastery is about gaining the key technical knowledge and skill most leaders lack as they address what I call the four dimensions of leadership: Motivating Purpose, Task Progress & Results, Group Unity and Individual Attention. In my experience only four areas really matter. One, motivation: how to mobilise your colleagues’ inner drive to achieve outstanding results. Two, time management: goal-setting and using your time well under pressure. Three, group psychology and team-building: understanding why groups and teams fail and using three new models to create and maintain teams, especially leadership teams. Four, leading change: knowing how to craft and put across a vision while using my research-based Spiral Waves model to create contagious change in your organisation.

The Leadership Mastery Suite Website

You’ll find my website dedicated to the Leadership Mastery Suite concept with full details of my books, tools, leadership and team building articles and videos here.

The Leadership Mastery Suite ® Channel on YouTube

The Leadership Mastery Suite ® channel on YouTube currently features:

(1) A ten-part video series where I outline the Four Dimensions of Leadership. This offers you a powerful new model plus two simple tools for rapidly improving your ability to lead people.
(2) An eleven-part video series where I explain Leadership Presence – what it is, how it’s different to charisma, its seven qualities and what you can do, practically, to let your unique presence unfold.
(3) A short video of me introducing my book, The Three Levels of Leadership.

Here is a link to the “On the Four Dimensions of Leadership” playlist: Episode 1 of 10: Are You Stuck on the Leaders Growth Curve?

Here is a link to the “On Leadership Presence” playlist: Episode 1 of 11: What Is Presence?